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We sell domains at Domain names may sell for just a few hundred dollars to a few million. With today’s major search engines’ advertising networks and the use of domains aggregators, a single good domain can generate a steady income stream for its owner, anything from a few dollars to several thousand dollars a day. Aside from the much publicized sale of for a reported US$7.5 million in December 1999 and then its resale for $350 million in 2007, many domain names are still being traded at phenomenal prices today. makes an average of over $1,000 a day by driving internet traffic to relevant links. The name was bought for $90 in 1996 and was sold for $4.2 million in 2005. Even longer names are being taken as soon as they are put up for sale. was sold for $10,000, and for $350,000. was sold for US$3.0 million in 2006;, bought in 1994 for $20, was sold for $2.6 million in April, 2008. Most recently, was sold for an approximate $1.5 million and for $89,000. Additionally, was sold for $112,111.dollars.

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Join our Integrity Chamber a multi-set campaign towards the re-establishment of acceptable Integrity Standards among various sectors of society, to celebrate Integrity with a Declaration of Integrity, and a Pledge of Integrity centered on the theme "Building a Nation with Integrity".
We are in the midst of an amazingly powerful transformation of American Economy In the context of our Internet Development. Integrity has to do with honoring your word as yourself, and this is achieved by creating an empowering context in the use of your “word,” as in honoring your word, as if it were yourself,  and restoring TRUST with relentless PASSION for INTEGRITY. Therefore,
we need to honor our word, and keep our promises.
Don't stand by helpless letting misstrust and dishonesty build up. Our word is our HONOR keep it!

CyberLandLLC™, a global business solutions provider is also the first among the consulting industry to have developed the Integrity Chamber
of Commerce
and Integrity Yellow Pages, a unique process / approach to dealing with the conceptual convergence of domain names as Internet Intellectual Properties (i.e. Cyber Land) and the associated business ideas/models as, turning them into highly valuable business assets.

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